4 Universal Rules To Burn Fat Quickly

fat burningIt doesn’t matter either you are man or women, if you want to burn fat quickly then you have to follow some universal rules for burning fat. It doesn’t matter what diet plan you are following or how much hours you are spending in GYM if you are not following these four universal rules then you will never able to burn fat and get your desire results.

Let’s talk about these rules:

Rules To Burn Fat Quickly

Rule #1 – To Burn Fat You Have to Create Calorie Deficit Overtime:

Undoubtedly you know lots of men and women who cut their calorie consumption from their daily diet but still they can’t to burn fat from their body. This is because these people don’t know about Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). BMR is the amount of calories your body needs/uses when you sleeping or resting to work properly. In simple words, your body needs specific amount of calories to work properly and this specific amount of calories is BMR. These BMR calories come from the foods you eat or your fat deposits in the body or the combination of both.

Many people don’t know about their BMR and they think by cutting down calories from their diet will able them to lose weight but it is completely wrong. Knowing about BMR is very important because it is help you understand how much calories your body needs so you will able to manage your diet plan accordingly.

Here an example,

calorie deficitMy BMR is 1800, that means my body needs 1800 calories to work properly. If I am consuming more than 1800 calories in a day that weight is slowly increasing in my body.

Suppose I don’t know about my BMR and consuming 2500 calories in a day without any exercise or activity. This means that I am getting additional 700 calories. After I found my weight is getting out of control I consult some clueless doctors and fitness expert and they advice me to cut down calories. So I decided to cut down 500 calories per day from my meal. Although cutting 500 calories is huge achievement but I am still getting 200 additional calories than my BMR. As a result I am not losing weight.

Since I am not losing fat from my body, I decided to ‘exercise’ 4 days a week at GYM. During my session I am burning 300 calories per workout. Since I am consuming additional 200 calories, this will put me 100 calories down in my BMR calories requirement in workout days and now I am finally start losing weight. As per calculation, I am burning 4 x 100 = 400 calories every week.

According to estimation, one has to burn 3500 calories to burn one pound of fat. Now with this rate, I will burn just one pound in next 8 weeks (2 months). YIKES!!

This is where most diet plan fails,

Knowing your BMR is important if you want to burn fat quickly. You will find out how much calories your body needs to function properly and how much fat you will need in your diet plan. This is the fat loss rule that doesn’t need you to understand about hormones, macronutrients ratios or anything. You can continue enjoying your favorite food if you know how much calories your body is getting.

Rule # 2 – Fat Must Be Mobilized Before Burning Fat:

Truly speaking fat burning is very misunderstood concept. Fat burning is not that difficult that most people think. But the problem is your body is only burning fat from the foods you get and fat that is present in liver and intestines – not inside the fat cells.

Body can’t burn fat inside the fat cells because they are filled which triglycerides. For those who don’t know, triglycerides are made up with three fatty acids and they are bond with the glycerol molecule. Mobilizing fat is difficult but it is the best option to break this triglyceride into three fatty acids. Once you able you achieve this with the help of little activity you will get best shape of your body.

Always keep in mind, if you want to burn fat quickly, then mobilizing fat is the first step towards getting best body shape of your life.

Rule # 3 – You Can Control How Much Fat to Mobilize:

Yes, this is right. You can control how much fat you want to mobilize in your body. Multiple researches showed that mobilizing of fat is largely controlled by sensitive hormone known as hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL). This HSL hormone is control by catecholamines and insulin. The problem is when insulin and triglycerides found in the body HSL can’t able to mobilize fat.

In order to activate HSL hormone in your body you have to increase catecholamines in your body. So you can control the mobilizing of fat by increasing catecholamines and keeping insulin level low in your body.

Rule #4 – Increase Leptin Sensitivity:

Leptin hormonesLeptin is the hormone that works as a signaling hormone in the body. It is Leptin hormone that signals your brain about hunger, amount of fat in the body and regulates performance of other functions in the body. Some people called Leptin Hormone as Fat Burning hormone because of its functions towards fat burning.

Although woman body have twice amount of Leptin in their body as compare to man body but still woman’s body is thrice sensitive to Leptin and any changes in amount of Leptin results in metabolism crash. This is the reason women often can’t able to follow strict dieting for longer period and they often struggle to get results from weight loss programs that are providing amazing results to male users.

Woman body is different and as a result they also need completely different approach towards weight loss. Since the amount of Leptin is higher in female body that is the reason woman can burn fat quickly without extreme exercise routine but still most women are struggling to lose weight because almost every weight loss plan is targeted towards male body. But the good news is that John Barban created Venus Factor Package that is targeted towards female body and contains fat burning plan that help any woman to lose weight and get sexy goddness hourglass body shape that she always wanted to have.