In-depth Venus Factor Review

Weight Loss for GirlObesity is the growing concern in this world mainly because of bad lifestyle habits and processed foods. When it comes to losing unwanted pounds from the body then women have to struggle more as compare to men. Women body works in completely different way than men body and that is the reason women needs different approach for weight loss.

Unfortunately, all the best-selling and popular weight loss programs are targeted towards men body and they don’t provide results if any woman wants to get benefit from them. I was searching for weight loss program that targets exclusively to women body and thankfully my search comes to an end at John Barban’s Venus Factor System.

After testing this program for couple of months, I am back with my review.

So, let’s start with what you will get when you purchase Venus Factor.

What is Included in The Package?

  • The Venus Main Manual – 179 pages
  • Venus Workout Manual – 36 pages (contain link to workout training videos)
  • Venus Workout Videos (Needs internet connection every time you watch these videos)
  • Virtual Nutrition Software
  • Venus Community Access

Other than that you will also get options to purchase some addons with the initial purchase. I end up purchasing three guides that are:

  1. Venus Final Phrase
  2. Venus Slim-in-7 Protocol
  3. Venus Cookbook (contain 100+ delicious fat burning recipes) *Personal Favorite*

Ok now let’s talk about what exactly is Venus Factor?

What is it?

Venus FactorVenus Factor is total body transformation program exclusively for women, created by John Barban for all those women that want to lose ugly fat from her body. The main objective of this program is to provide you hourglass figure.

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The rep range of the exercises recommended in this program is around 15-20 reps which means it does focus on building some muscles around the body. These exercises are based on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). You have to perform these exercises in cycle with 60 seconds of rest in between them.

In this review, I don’t want to misguide you by labeling it as groundbreaking or discovered in the Mars. There are many programs available exclusive for women that focus on body transformation but these programs are either focus on strict diet or abnormal exercises and miss out very crucial factor that is YOUR BODY SHAPE. If you want to lose weight without losing attractive shape of your body then you have to select workout plan that targets different parts of your body. This is where Venus Factor shines!!

This program not only provides understanding about crucial body parts of female body but it also provides training for achieving best shape that you always wanted to have.

Additionally, John Barban created video-presentation that will explain more about this system. You can watch this video below:

venus official video

Now let’s take a look on how John Barban delivers content in this guide

In-depth Review:

John Barban divided main manual of this program into two different sections to provide clear understanding about how this program works. Here is detailed information on these two sections.

First Section – Venus 12-Week Weight Loss Nutrition System:

Venus Factor LogoInitially John Barban introduced you to his Venus Community where you can find out success stories of previous users of this program. In this section John will explain the difference between male and female metabolism and also explain the importance of ‘Leptin’ hormone for women body. John also explained four methods for creating perfect environment for weight loss.

In the nutrition chapter you will find ‘good’ foods that boost up the process of fat burning and some ‘bad’ foods that make your body to store fat into female most trouble spots like hips, bums, thighs and under the arm.

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John will also explain you how to use virtual nutritionist software which will show you calorie requirement, perfect waist measurement, protein intake and many more according to your body proportions.


Second Section – New Way To Measure Your Progress:

In this section you will find information about how to take your body measurements like height-to-waist measurement, shoulder-to-waist measurement and waist-to-hips measurement.

John will introduce ‘Venus Index’ and show you what body proportions you have to achieve to reveal sexy goodness.

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Ok now, let’s talk about the author of this program John Barban and find out why created this program.

About John Barban:

John BarbanJohn Barban is the popular nutrition and fitness expert who trained lots of men from professional athletes to seasoned soccer players. Before completing his graduation in exercise psychology, he worked in health supplement industry where he traveled different countries and talked with experts and uncovered many secrets about fat burning from them.

But when he was researching on woman body and how it works during fat burning phrase, he discovered the importance of ‘Leptin’ hormone. Soon he shared his findings with his sister and with the help of John’s findings her sister gets dramatic changes in her body within few weeks. Then on the request of his sister he created complete plan which is now popularly known as Venus Factor.

[Warning] Venus Factor is Not For:

Women Who Suffering From Bones Problem — Exercises that are recommended inside this program needs some level of fitness. These exercises can easily be performed by women who didn’t get any bones injuries in past but it is difficult for women to perform these exercises who suffered or suffering from bones injuries. It is recommended for them to consult physician’s advice before starting this program if you feel you are fully recover from your injuries.

Women Who Want to Lose Few Pounds – This program although helps in losing weight but it is total body transformation program. Don’t try this program if you are looking to lose only few pounds from your body.

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Best Fat Burning Diet:

Although Venus Factor is great weight loss program for women but recently I start using Michael Geary’s Fat Burning Kitchen and I was really impressed with the information that Mike has provided into his program.

Great thing is you can include tricks and secrets of Fat Burning Kitchen into Venus Factor program as well and your results will come quickly.

Here’s the post in which you will find my in-depth review on Fat Burning Kitchen

Final Verdict:

In the end of this Venus Factor review, I would like to say that this program is for every woman who wants to achieve best shape of her body by losing unwanted fat and building some muscles. This program comes along with 60-days money back guarantee so you have nothing to burn except those ugly fats from your body. Now if this doesn’t make you happy then what will?

Give it a try and you will love it!!

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